Extract from the Chadbourne Family History

The following Family History extract is based on “The Chadbourne Family Line” first published and circulated to family members in 2011.

This document, which has been created as part of the Chadbourne One-Name Study registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies is freely available for any personal non-commercial use. Where applicable, acknowledgement of this as a source document would be appreciated.

Many details have been corrected and information added since this was first published. These are held in a range of databases which are not directly searchable but I would happy to provide comprehensive, up-to-date information for any individual.


Descendants of John Chadbourne 1588-


John Chadbourne (1)  was born 1588 in Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. He married Helen Fowler, born 1590 in England. They had one known child, John (2)

John (2) was born 1620 in Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. John’s wife is unknown but there is a record of  one child, John (3). John (2) died 1683.

John (3) was born 1657, in Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. He married Margaret Harrison who was born 1659 in Wollaton. John and Margaret had five children: Sarah (1684-1686), Joseph (1686-1686), John (4), Elizabeth (b.1691) and Thomas (b.1695). After Margaret’s death 24 Sep 1691, John married Anna Fox, born 1673. They had four children. John died 13 Apr 1712 and Anna 1731.

John (4) was born 24 Oct 1687 in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. He married Martha Jennings who was born 1683 in Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. John and Margaret had ten children: Joseph (b.1713), Margaret (b.1714), Ann (b.1716), James (5), Martha (1717-1717), Martha (1718-1733), John (1720-1722), Jane (b.1722), John (1724-1740) and Henry (b. 1726). John (4) died in 1772 and Martha 28 Apr 1728.

James (5) was born 1717 in Annesly, Nottinghamshire. He married Jane Smith who was born 1721 in Annesley, Nottinghamshire. James and Jane had seven children: John (6), Sarah (b.1745), Jane (1745-1748), Mary (b.1750), Elizabeth (b.1753), Martha (b.1759) and John (1770-1843). James (5) died 1818 and Jane 1823.

John (6) was born 1743 in Kirkby, Nottinghamshire. He married Margaret Dovey who was born 1742 in Kirkby/Selston, Nottinghamshire. John and Margaret had seventeen (?) children: Joseph, Mary Ann (1764-1853), James (1766-1847), Martha (b.1767), John (7), Sarah (1771-1859), Jane (1772-1859), Mary (1772-1853), Elizabeth (b.1776), Mark (b.1776), Matthew (1776-1854), Ann (b.1777), Richard (b.1778), Alexander (1779-1844), Eli (1783-1865), Elizabeth (1783-1852) and Henry (1787).

John (7) was born 4 Jun 1769 in Kirkby, Nottinghamshire. He married Martha Lee who was born 1769. John and Martha had six children: Robert (b.1793), Lucy (1793-1804), Richard (8), Hannah (1799-1848), Robert (b.1801) and John (1803-1803). John (7) died Dec 1822.

Richard (8) was born 17 May 1796 in Kirkby, Nottinghamshire). He married Sarah Cope.Richard and Sarah had five children: Maria (b.1830), John (9), Sarah (b.1840), Mary (b.1845), Harriet (b.1854). Richard (8) died 1848.

John (9) was born 26 Aug 1832. He married Sarah Thompson who was born 1836 in Swadlincotes, Derbyshire, John and Sarah had nine children: Sarah, William (b.1858), Catherine (b.1859), Eliza (b.1863), Martha (b.1865), Harriet (b.1867), Hannah (b.1870), John (1871-1872) and Thomas (10). John (9) died 1883 and Sarah 1885.

Thomas (10) was born 8 Dec 1872. His first wife was Clara Mackie. Thomas and Clara had six children: Thomas, William (b.1897), Thomas (1899-1972), Mabel (b.1900), Nora (b.1900) and Bernard (b.1906). His second wife was Hannah Vardy who was born 1893. Thomas and Hannah had nine children: Clifford (b.1910), Eileen (b.1910), Louisa Jane (1911-2012), Beatrice Lily (1914-2006), William (1917-2001), Clarence (11), Donald (1926-2016) and one daughter.  Hannah died 1930 and Thomas (10) 1958.

Clarence (11) was born 11 Feb 1921. His first wife was Ivy Finch who was born 26 October 1924 in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire. Clarence and Ivy had two children: Peter (12) and one daughter. His second wife was Nancy Newman. Ivy died 12 January 1977 and Clarence (11) 23 July 2002.

Peter (12) was born 4 September 1947 in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. He is married with two sons and omne granddaughter


Peter Chadbourne

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© Peter Chadbourne December 2016

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