This web site was launched in 2014. I published two articles that year. The first was an article – “A Record of Chadbournes in Nottinghamshire“. This is now being updated to reflect research carried out since then. The second was an extract from my Family History which was first published in 2011. My studies at that time were largely confined to designing and populating a database using information from the census records available on line.

In 2015, I attended my first Guild of One-Name Studies Annual Conference armed with brief notes on the structure of the web site, the databases I had created and sample documents. The IT specialists attending the conference suggested a range of improvements and possible links to a new web-based platform being developed by the Guild.

During the course of 2015, the information gathered to date and held in the various databases was cross-checked and linked entries were referenced in a Unique Reference Index.

I published a report on the Origins of the Chadbourne Name and Earliest Known Ancestors later that year and completed a first review of additional information sources.

This year has been dominated by a lengthy analysis of a wide range of family trees published by other amateur genealogists. As a result, I have been able to cross-reference jointly held information, incorporate new information and sources into my study, offer corrections and provide information I had that others could use. I  found time to attend the Guild’s Annual Conference and a Seminar held by the Guild in York and redesigned this web site.

Plans for 2017 and beyond include re-publishing documents first issued since 2014, adding new Reports and Articles to this website, giving improved access to information collected as part of the study and encouraging more comments and queries. In 2017, I will also be starting a DNA project and developing closer links with other individuals and organisations engaged in similar genealogical studies.

Please do watch this space – hits are encouragement!

Peter Chadbourne

© December 2016