The silver shield with a green griffin sergeant and demi griffin crest is said by some sources to be the Chadbourne Coat of Arms but this has yet to be verified. There is no known family motto.

The origin of the Chadbourne name (and its variations) is thought to be locational. Most sources indicate a stronger candidate is the hamlet of Chatburn in the parish of Whalley, near Preston,Lancashire. In the 1251 rolls of the County it was known as “Chatterburn”. This view is supported in a manuscript published by Fred B. Chadbourne in May 1959 which states “It is generally thought to denote a person from the village of Chatburn in the parish of Whalley”. Chatburn itself could be derived from “Ceattasburn”, a pre-7th century baptismal name meaning “dweller by the stream belonging to Ceatta” or “Ceaster”  a Roman and later Old English word meaning castle stream.

The earliest examples found to date are:

Johannes de Chatterburn, his brother Henricus and Richard de Chattburne, Yorkshire, 1379

Early wills and administrations from the Deanery of Amounderness have been almost entirely damaged or lost. However, eight names are indexed between 1550 and 1650. These include the will of Thomas Chatburne of Elswick in the parish of St. Michael on Wyre, near Preston dated 7 July (probably 1560).

The baptism register for Winchcombe, Gloucestershire records nineteen distinct Chadbourne families and nearly 100 individuals between 1595 and 1635.

Eighty-eight entries can be found between 1556 and 1673 in the records for Tamworth, Staffordshire / Warwickshire. It is likely that this includes the family of William and Humphrey Chadborn who settled in New Hampshire, U.S.A. in 1630.

John, son of John Chadbourne, was buried at St. James’s, Clerkenwell, London in 1636

John Chadbourne ” a poor ancient man” died in Clerkenwell in 1660

James Chardbourne was born 1717 in Annesley, Nottinghamshire


Note. The following variations could also be Chadbourne ancestors but need to be verified:

1190 Pipe Rolls, Warwickshire – Hugo Henry Chadde

1219 Assize Rolls, Yorkshire – Ralph Chad

1247 Assize Rolls, Bedfordshire – Hugo Henry Chadde

1275 Rotuli Hundredorum, Staffordshire – Cedda de Alrewys

1379 Yorkshire Poll Tax Returns – Henry Ced

1524 Subsidy Rolls, Suffolk – Chad Maryon, Joan Chedde and William Shedde

1788 John Chatbrand married Susannah Johnson at St George’s Chapel, Hanover Square, Mayfair, London



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